by Steve Kipner

 I saw the BEATLES live in Brisbane Australia, when I was around 14 and I wanted to be like them, (By some strange reason I did end up on a few Beatles bootleg Albums) 

But it was after hearing “You Really Got Me” by the Kinks I was really got. , my mates and I formed our own band   “The Board of Music appreciation Society Ltd ”, later shortened it to Steve & the Board


At 19, with my father's help, (Nat Kipner) I moved to England and made 3 albums. The first one titled Steve & Stevie

then 2 more as a member of the Duo TinTin

The first titled "Tin Tin" which resulted in a hit single "Toast and Marmalade for Tea". Followed by the  "Astral Taxi" Album

Then I was off to LA to record and sing with various groups, “Friends”  MGM, “Skyband” (embarrassing album cover)  RCA, "Think Out Loud";  A&M

and finally “My Solo Album totally bombed but was recognized predominately for the amazing and now famous musicians who played on it , like Jay Graydon, & David Foster, they gave me the opportunity to write with them on other projects. This lucky break got me considering how much more liberating it would be to write for other artists,  

Most of the songs I’d written at this stage were really for myself or what ever band i was in at the time to sing.         The British invasion influence I grew up on was / and still is a huge influence, but after living here in California   I realized how musically narrow minded I'd been, Stevie Wonder, Santana, for a start, blew me away and were huge turning points. 

So began my real job as a Songwriter and later Songwriter / Producer.  That in turn extended into a Joint Venture Record Label with Sony U.K. called Phonogenic that lasted 11 years or so. Also my Phonogenic partners and I assumed the role of running Epic Records U.K. for several years. This partnership generated over 45 million record sales, and the release of Sony’s biggest selling artist albums in the UK since 2009 with Olly Murs’ “Right Place Right Time”  and The Script’s “Hall Of Fame”  which is also the most streamed song ever on Spotify from Sony’s entire worldwide repertoire. And then ending 2013 with 4 songs A&R’d on the UK Airplay Top 40 Most Played Songs of the Year Chart – a feat unsurpassed by any other single A&R source worldwide

Now I'm back to doing what interests me most - songwriting / producing

For further information please check out my Wikipedia page.